21 Useful Online Resources if You’re Relocating to Moon Valley Arizona

Relocating to Phoenix Az Moon Valley

Are you relocating to Moon Valley Arizona? Well, you are in for a treat. It’s a bit like living in the good parts of 1950; everyone knows their neighbors, people are invested in the community, parents are active in the local schools, folks support their local small businesses, and someone is always arranging for a BBQ or food truck to come by for delicious eats. Moon Valley is full of character; every single home is completely unique as many homes have been renovated since the community was developed in the 1970’s. If you’re moving to Moon Valley, we’ve pulled together a “best of” list resources to get you familiar with the area.

21 Relocating to Moon Valley Arizona Resources

  1. The Moon Valley Country Club is the central hub of the Moon Valley Community and features a restaurant, fitness center and classes, loads of social events, outdoor pool and swim team, and tennis courts.
  2. One of the most talked about topics for people moving to Arizona: Scorpions. Here is everything you ever wanted you know about if they hurt when they sting, what a sting feels like, how to prevent them, determine what type of scorpion they are, avoid them, find them on purpose, where they live, what they eat, and any other question you may possibly have about them.
  3. Moon Valley is located in Maricopa County. Check out the loads of resources they have on their page.
  4. This is the Valley of the Sun. Are you considering a house with solar or looking into getting solar at your existing house? Read this first!
  5. After folks get their fill of scorpions, the next question is about all the AZ wildlife. Your best bet is to just avoid local wildlife; some are protected, some are endangered. Some of the wildlife want to/may try to go after your pet. If you’re into hiking, stay on the marked trails.
  6. Speaking of hiking, you’ll want to check this list of nearby hiking trails in the Moon Valley area.
  7. The Moon Valley Tattler is the local newspaper, if you want to get a good idea of the neighborhood goings on, check it out.
Moon Valley Park
North Mountain Hiking Trails Moon Valley
  1. Internet. There are only 2 internet providers in the Phoenix metro area: Cox and CenturyLink. Here is a wiki page dedicated to all things Internet and Wireless.
  2. If you’ll be enrolling kids in the public school, Moon Valley (the area, not MV Proper) is split between Paradise Valley District and Washington Elementary School District/Glendale High School districts see how they’re rated. East of 7th St is Paradise Valley, West of 7th St is Washington/Glendale.
  3. Phoenix organizes quarterly bulk trash pick-up, find out dates and what type of trash you can and cannot dispose of.
  4. Moon Valley Proper doesn’t have traditional monthly homeowners association fees but there is an annual fee you can choose to pay to support the Moon Valley Homeowners Association. They supply neighborhood security, organize community garage sales, arrange for the luminaries for Christmas Eve, the Holiday decoration awards, and more.
  5. Need to set-up an account with the City of Phoenix for water, trash, sewer, and recycling services check out this neat resource that also lists details for City Parks and lots of other info.
  6. Information about supporting local Phoenix charities and making a difference for folks in our community.
  7. A list of local restaurants organized by their reviews. You’re welcome.
  8. It seems like every month a new brewery pops up, and we’re lucky we have some close by.
  9. If you have kids, and you like to stay busy check out these membership opportunities for fun stuff to do all year round on the cheap - even in the summer!
Moon Valley Country Club, Moon Valley Golf
Moon Valley Christmas Lights
  1. Phoenix isn’t necessarily known for music, but it does have loads of great places to see live concerts and you can even enjoy some outside - after all what’s the point of living here if you aren’t in the great outdoors!
  2. Check out amazing compilation of local resorts. You’re in the land of staycations, when all the locals fill up hotels in the summer and do it for much less than the tourists in peak season.
  3. Being in the Moon Valley / North Phoenix area gives you easy access to travel to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the Southwest.
  4. Looking to buy a home or are you relocating to Moon Valley Arizona? Choose the best real estate agent in Phoenix, one who specializes in the local area and who makes giving back to the community a priority.
  5. Have younger than school-age kids and looking for childcare in Phoenix? Check these resources for preschool, local daycare centers, and Montessori childcare centers.


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