Animal Rescue Phoenix: The Heroes at HARTT

humane animal rescue

In the heart of Moon Valley, there is a team of animal rescue experts specializing in humanely capturing lost family pets, homeless pets, and any severely injured animal. HARTT, Humane Animal Relocation and Trapping Team, is a volunteer Arizona based non-profit organization specializing in humane animal rescue because the animals found cannot be leashed or captured easily. 

Humane Animal Rescue

With a passion for saving at risk animals, HARTT Volunteers perform these rescues after a long day at their “real jobs.” The team provides services in Maricopa County and Payson, Arizona and Flagstaff, Arizona, but have been called upon to consult on cases across the United States and even in Canada, Poland, and Singapore.

HARTT’s team of volunteers is spearheaded by Cheryl Naumann, co-owner of Second Home Pet Resort, a pet hotel and doggie daycare facility in Moon Valley. Cheryl has been humanely trapping animals in Maricopa County since 2012 and has been an animal welfare leader for more than 20 years. Cheryl’s passion and specialty within HARTT is creating strategies for the most difficult to rescue dogs, teaching HARTT’s humane trapping workshops, and utilizing complex speciality traps and electronics to bring animals to safety. 

animal rescue phoenix HARTT AZ
animal rescue phoenix

HARTT has dozens of humane traps, suitable for animals of all shapes and sizes. They always choose the humane trap that will result in the quickest, safest and most comfortable capture of the animal. The trapping solutions used to capture animals to relocate them are cruelty-free. The longer an animal remains loose, the greater the danger to them from automobiles, predators, abuse, starvation and disease. Humane trapping speeds up the rescue process so the animals can be placed into a safe environment as soon as possible.

phoenix animal rescue

HARTT’s primary goal is to get the animals to safety. After rescuing an animal, HARTT first tries to reunite the animal with their owner. Sadly, only 5% of their rescues have a tag or microchip and even if they do have a microchip, many do not have current owner information tied to that microchip. Next HARTT works with the animal by providing a safe environment to begin behavioral rehabilitation to build their self-confidence and comfort around people, so they can ultimately be placed for adoption. These volunteers teach the dogs to be less afraid of the everyday things they may perceive as scary. 

Most dogs that HARTT rescues go to the animal shelter in north Phoenix where they are allowed time to relax, recover, decompress, and begin to feel safe. Through love, gentle encouragement and through the inspiration of other confident “mentor” dogs, HARTT rescues living in the shelter will learn important life skills such as making eye contact with a person, walking comfortably on a leash, learning to play, coming when called, and interacting with other dogs. HARTT also teaches families wishing to adopt their rescues how to keep their once shy dog safe.  

There are several ways to provide support for these Moon Valley animal rescuing heroes at HARTT: a fiscal donation, donations through the HARTT Amazon wish list, volunteering, fostering or adopting an animal. For those who have a desire to help with lost pet recovery, take training and join the volunteer team for animal rescue. All financial support received is used to purchase specialty humane trapping equipment, and to provide shelter, behavioral rehabilitation and veterinary care for the animals that HARTT saves. 


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