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Arizona Helping Hands Phoenix Foster Care

In college, I volunteered at a shelter offering emergency support services to Arizona’s most vulnerable children and families. The little ones with whom I connected at the shelter—some of whom had been there for months prior to finding a more permanent home—stole my heart over and over again.

I looked forward to seeing the kiddos’ little faces, and there were many times I was moved to tears after the children were placed in new homes. I knew it was unlikely I would see the kids again; all I could do was hope wherever they were living was safe and stable, and they knew they were loved. I wanted to give those kids the world, and at 19 years old I decided my future plans would include being a foster parent. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

From that experience, I know how challenging it is to take on a kid (or multiple kids!) with only a few hours’ notice. One of the best charities to donate to,  Arizona Helping Hands (AHH) has programs offering support to children in foster care and their families throughout the state of Arizona. AHH provides essential needs for Arizona’s children in foster care through their programs promoting safety, permanency, and health.

In 2020, they provided “A safe place to sleep” for 2,618 children by distributing new beds, cribs, and bedding to children in foster care. Additionally, they provide diapers, clothing, toiletries, and much more. Arizona Helping Hands operates with a 7% overhead, meaning that 93 cents out of every dollar raised goes directly back to services that help children in foster care such as personalized birthday packages, backpacks filled with school supplies, and much more!

Arizona Helping Hands Local Phoenix Charity
Arizona Helping Hands

My commitment to Arizona Helping Hands is focused on their Birthday Dreams and Back-to-School programs. In 2020, AHH gifted birthday packages—valued at $75 each and supplied by generous community donations—to 3,216 children in foster care, many of whom experienced the celebration of their birthday for the first time. Volunteers select, wrap, and decorate personalized Birthday Dreams packages using the information provided by the child’s foster parent or caseworker.

In addition to birthday celebrations, AHH provides Back-to-School packages with backpacks and necessary supplies for children in foster care to begin their school year. In 2020, more than 4,064 children were provided backpacks filled with age-appropriate school supplies, from preschool through college. These two programs provide children with a sense of normalcy and belonging, during a challenging time in their lives. I hope that our Moon Valley community will join me in supporting AHH’s mission! Arizona Helping Hands is one of many local charities in the Phoenix area the team at Locality Homes supports, you can learn more about our other favorite charities in this blog post.

To learn more about AHH or to make a donation, visit www.AzHelpingHands.org


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