The Homeless ID Project's Mission to End Homelessness

Homeless in Phoenix, Homeless ID Project

There are nearly 3,500 children in foster care in Arizona between the ages of 13-17. As they age out of foster care, over half of them will end up homeless or incarcerated within the next year. When most people think about homelessness, they picture the chronically homeless, the person on the corner with a sign, looking forlorn and weathered from their experiences. This person matters just as much as anyone else, but it also is not your typical person facing homelessness.

In fact, over 75% of homeless people will no longer be homeless within a year, and will never face homelessness again. They are children in care who age out of the system without a place to go. They are mothers, often with children of their own fleeing domestic violence. They are families evicted from their homes in a hurry without time to adequately plan for where to go.

The Locality Homes Promise

At Locality Homes, we are dedicating March and April to ending homelessness. We estimate that 400 children in care will age out of foster care in March and April without a state ID. For a little under $5,000, we can change the lives of more than 400 children, saving our community between $12m and $20m.

Homeless ID Project exists to help individuals and families with this solvable problem by providing replacement documents and financial assistance. At an average cost of $12 per ID, they have provided 15,000 documents to individuals and families in the past 2 years. Our pledge at Locality Homes will be match every donation to Homeless ID Project up to $2,500. 

We believe that if most people knew that...


  • Homelessness is rarely a choice
  • The majority of people entering homelessness are in families with children, kids aging out of foster care, domestic violence survivors, and recently evicted families facing difficult financial realities including a job loss or medical issue
  • 75% of the homeless population will not be homeless within a year, and will not face homelessness again
  • While a $12 ID won’t automatically solve homelessness, it is impossible for an individual to end their homelessness without it
  • According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) support services cost our community $30,000 - $50,000 per year for each homeless person
  • Homeless ID Project provides documents for 7,000 or more homeless individuals each year and each ID carries the potential of an end to homelessness. 
  • Using the information above, and a few conservative assumptions, we believe Homeless ID Project returns $60 per donation dollar received.
  • Arizona allows a donation of $400 for individuals and $800 for families as a dollar for dollar tax credit to Homeless ID Project
  • Based on a $60 return, your $400 tax credit donation will return $24,000 to the community
Homeless ID Project

We believe that if YOU knew this, you would want to be involved. Our co-founder, Richard Calhoun, was inspired by this mission and cites his own personal experience as a reason for joining the Homeless ID Project team. 

“I think most people don’t realize how thin the line between security and homelessness is. I grew up the child of a teen mother and twice experienced homelessness myself, sleeping in our car as a kid, and couch surfing trying to find my place as a teen with an unstable home life trying to transition to adulthood. I got lucky. Not everyone has a network to help until they can find their way or identification and an address to apply for jobs, finish school, and qualify for additional help. $12 for a replacement ID should never be the barrier to helping someone who wants to help themself.

To donate, text “Locality” to 44-321 or simply click this link.


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