Local Spotlight: Your Beautiful Balance

Briana Beveridge, Your Beautiful Balance, Moon Valley Meditation


You may know her from her work with National Charity League or maybe you have seen her on her daily walks on Canterbury, but what you might not know about Briana Beveridge is that she has been an active member of the Moon Valley Community for over 5 years.  Briana and her 2 girls, attend/ed Thunderbird High School and were members of NCL.

NCL is a group dedicated to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences for young ladies and their mothers.  Along with volunteering for many Philanthropies, Briana served NCL by being on the Annual Tea Committee where she invented an Ice Breaker to engage all members (teens and moms) to connect and get to know each other better.

From Charity League to Finding a True Calling

Now that her kids have grown, Briana is helping the community in a different way.  She is the Block Captain for her street and recently welcomed two new neighbors to Moon Valley. Briana also supports the community through her business, Your Beautiful Balance.

Through Meditation, Group Coaching, and Inner Vision Boards, Briana teaches clients how to develop their own Meditation and business practices that work for them.  Briana says she “helps people find and develop their true calling through Meditation.”  In January Briana will be offering two “My Inner Vision” Workshops on Saturday, January 9th and Saturday, January 23rd, 2021.  Visit My Inner Vision Board sign up for more information on the workshops.

Local Spotlight: Your Beautiful Balance, Reduce Anxiety, Moon Valley Meditation

Briana also offers Meditation classes.  After a free private consultation, together with her clients, she helps you develop a personalized practice that works for your life & beliefs.  With gentle guidance, Briana walks you through the Meditation process to find out how to experience your Meditation rhythm & confidence.  Briana has a 6-week Meditation class beginning in January to help you ‘Turn Down Anxiety’.  To find out more click FREE 15 MIN CONSULT so you too can achieve Your Beautiful Balance.

Whether she is hiking North Mountain or working with a client to help them discover their gifts within, Briana approaches the day with compassion, grace, timeless wisdom, dedication, and hilarity.


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