Mamma Toledo’s

Tonya Saidi, sometimes known by her alter-ego, Mamma Toledo, is a “self taught Pie Making Machine.” Family oriented since the beginning, Tonya took a recipe from her mom’s old cookbook and set to making her first pie for the ladies at the Residential Care Home where she was employed. That very first pie, raspberry, was a huge hit! The staff and residents were blown away by the quality and flavor from the first bite. Their continued compliments and prodding pushed Tonya to create her vision for what would become Mamma Toledo’s. As Tonya continued to bake for friends and family to rave reviews, she decided to make her vision a reality. In 2010, 15 years after baking her first pie, Tonya brought to life the only food truck in the Valley dedicated to pie! 

At first, Tonya spent many late nights up with her teenage daughters baking pies and perfecting those recipes handed down by her mother. Mamma Toledo’s rapidly grew from working local farmer’s markets and food truck events to opening shared retail spaces with other restaurants to needing their own dedicated space, right in the heart of Moon Valley. Mamma and her “Mob” can now be found at the Pie Hole at 15414 N. 7th St. Suite 6, filling pies, slinging green chile breakfast burritos, and loading up the catering van for one of the many local events they support. 

Want to know Tonya’s secret to pie making? It’s in her passion for what she does. “My desserts taste so good because they truly are baked with love. My favorite part of the job is feeding and nurturing the world, one dessert at a time.”